Let's speak english

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Rubrique :Let's speak english  
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Dear Members of marocagreg.
I suggest you a new rubric for speaking english. Few time ago, I took the decision of learning this language. It's never too late for learning. I'm still a starter and I want to improve my english level and to extend my vocabulary. But, this project requires regular practice of writing and speaking. I think that we can use our website to encourage all those who wish to participate in this adventure. The forum can be a tool that could make our exchanges easy.
Best regards !

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  Par   Hassoun Oumaima  (Profle 2016-01-18 19:46:02

I'm in! Let's talk about: values. Do we still have any?

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  Par   marocagreg  (Adminle 2016-01-19 10:07:28

That's a discussion for advanced speakers ! I'm begginer ! It's a little difficult to talk about values, but I'm going to try to discuss with you about it. I'm looking up my words in dictionary. This is the purpose of this section, is not it ? I think that our time is a bit disappointing, but all is not lost.

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  Par   Doubry Sarah  (Profle 2016-01-21 21:47:20

English is easier than french: no exceptions, no rules that drive you crazy. The only problem is the prononciation. Anyways i like the idea of having a section in which we can talk in english without worrying about making mistakes, since we will all be beginners. It would be great if we could have  some english teachers over here to correct us and direct the discussion.

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  Par   marocagreg  (Adminle 2016-01-23 18:20:53

Thank you for your participation in this discussion. Personally, I don't have afraid to make mistakes. There's the best way to learn a new language. I also think that the french language is not more difficult than english, but, each language has its particularities. To improve my english, I daily use two supports : I visit the website of the digital newspaper Independent :


1) I read headlines only, then, I use the dictionary for to explain difficult words. I note this words in notebook.

2) I watch France 24 english or Euronews english. There also, I only read the hidelines, the latest news.

Of course, many other tips can help anyone who wants to learn english.

And you, how you are doing ?

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  Par   Doubry Sarah  (Profle 2016-01-23 20:18:34

For me i have lot of foreign friends who only speack english, so i practice with them all the time. Also, i used to watch movies in english, but now it's impossible so i listen to songs...

i recommand to you (google translate) it helped me a lot even tough it can give you a weird translation, but it helps when you need a quick translation of a sentence.

it helps a lot, to be a member in an english forum, you will be forced to write in english to reply to others or to express your ideas...

i read articles, comic books... anything that's fun. It's not easy but learning french wasn't easy either. My teachers always said to us that to learn a language we have to practice it with faith, and that's what i try to do.

i have a suggestion: since we all have read books/ watched a movie we loved or hated, why don't we choose a book / character in a book or a movie/ a theme to talk about?

i think a fun and interesting topic to talk about will have the power to spice up any conversation and make the atmosphere lively that the other members will be motivated to participate and contribute to the discussion.

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  Par   Hassoun Oumaima  (Profle 2016-01-24 00:01:23

"Values" is the topic of the public speaking competition this year.

I thought that talking about it might remind some of us how important values (universal ones) are!

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